Thursday, December 17, 2015

Working Prototype

Bread boarded and working.
Now to get this on a PCB, and figure out what kind of battery I'm going to need.

Final build:
- BLE Nano
- Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate Gold
- Teensy 3.1
- A couple of discrete components so I can control the Bluetooth Mate

The Nano, like the RFDuino, can't run at 115k with the radio on, so I have to have the Teensy around to coordinate everything.
Cool thing with the nano, is I have it in Central Mode.  My CGMS devices pair directly with this if the phone isn't available.

So it's:
Sensor->CGMS->iPhone-> Watch


Sensor->CGMS->"The new device"->Watch

Also this device will pair and/or wait to pair for as long as it has power.  No issues with something shutting down the "process" like the iPhone does if the BLE connection has been idle for more than a few minutes.

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