Thursday, December 8, 2016


Been kind of done with the blog thing.  Reached my destination and all that.  And then...

Shouldn't be too surprised, did a year on Metawatch and 2 years on Pebble.  Now, looks like I need to find the next watch.

Although, no great rush.  Hoping to buy another Round at fire sale prices.  I can push my app changes directly to the watch from my Mac, note to self: test that process since it's been over a year.

Future platform, probably Android Wear.  Almost bought a Moto 360 sport last night, but the battery life on all of these watches is junk.  When using a watch as a CGMS, it's always working.  I can't leave it in a charger all night.  Really need 24+ hours of battery life, that means I can charge it for an hour once a day (say while reading before I fall asleep).  Anything less than that means having to charge multiple times a day, which is unacceptable, at least while I have another option.

Waiting for the next generation of Android Wear wearables at this point.