Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pebble Battles

I was hoping to get allot of programming done on my Pebble yesterday.  Not so.

I left off Thursday with a working app, started up Friday morning to this.  It's telling me that pebble.h doesn't exist.  Sort of a fundamental problem.  So I scour the internets to see what's going on, nothing.  Send an email to support, then consider my options.

The last time CouldPebble was down I developed on my Mac, so back to that.  Fumble around for a while, it's been almost a year.  Load app on my watch, mistakenly putting it on the one I'm wearing, and not the development model...  App doesn't work.  Try to load onto my original pebble, just get this message "Couldn't install app".  Dead.  Nothing.  Try app in emulator, works fine.

After an hour or two of this, I notice that pebble is on a new SDK release.  Start fiddling around with the command line:
->pebble sdk list

Tells me I'm on 3.8.1.   Hmm, lets try 3.7.
->pebble sdk install 3.7
->pebble activate 3.7

I like the way you can easily switch and install SDK's, beats the hell out of Java and hunting around for the correct version.
Then build, install and success!  Most of my day is gone, but the watches are back to working.
As of today, CloudPebble is still wasted.  I really liked this tool, and the mbed site as well, good for casual use I suppose.  Looks like I'm officially done with CloudPebble for development.

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