Thursday, January 23, 2014

ANT+ Gizmos

Pursuing multiple threads here.  With ANT+, I can use a sports watch, and Hijack the HR channel.  A watch with HR and Alarms can work perfectly as a glucose monitor.  One late night of googling and I found some posts on ANT+ and Arduino.  Unfortunately the ANT+ development board sold by Sparkfun is long out of stock.  Some more searching and I found a similiar chip was available, but would need to be mounted.  Some photos of how I spent my Saturday.

 All this wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for this site.  First solder 17 very small wires,  started with Cat5, and pulled some strands out to get them through the holes.  Kind of like sewing.

Then, added a pair of pin headers so this would be easier to work with.  Also, these wires can only be flexed a couple of times before they break.  Added copious amounts of hot glue to keep everything from moving around.  I was going to post about the evils of hot glue... Maybe another day.  All this onto a Radio Shack protoboard, and then some love with the dremel.

Finally, Breadboarded and talking to the Arduino.  No problem receiving HR from a Garmin chest strap.  Now I need to figure out how to send a HR value.  Also, a Teensy is underneath the Uno, but the Serial Library's were causing me issues.  Turns out, you can't use SoftwareSerial etc.  You reference your serial ports as Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3.

Ex.  SoftwareSerial bt(9,10);


It took me a while to find a posting on this.

On another note, while troubleshooting why the TI USB Dongle doesn't work with the Teensy and a Mini circuits@home USB board, I discovered that I don't need to provide ANY power to the USB port for the Dexcom to work.  This means I can interface with the Dexcom, and not let it drain any power from my circuit. Sorry, turns out this wasn't true.  Lots of wires...

On deck for this weekend.  Hopefully get some code together for the Metawatch, and assemble something that I can carry around.  

For less hopeful projects I'd like to try getting access to the Pebble, although that doesn't seem likely.  Noone seems to have had any real luck with an Arduino, I'm looking into an article on "bit banging bluetooth" that looks promising.  


  1. "I don't need to provide ANY power to the USB port for the Dexcom to work" how ? :)

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  3. Right, you DO still need power my bad...

  4. How are you accessing the Bluetooth stream. I have a Pebble and would love to try this

  5. With arduino I'm using a spark fun bluesmirf/mate. Im not able to connect to the pebble. Ill probably do this with a linux board( yun).