Thursday, December 8, 2016


Been kind of done with the blog thing.  Reached my destination and all that.  And then...

Shouldn't be too surprised, did a year on Metawatch and 2 years on Pebble.  Now, looks like I need to find the next watch.

Although, no great rush.  Hoping to buy another Round at fire sale prices.  I can push my app changes directly to the watch from my Mac, note to self: test that process since it's been over a year.

Future platform, probably Android Wear.  Almost bought a Moto 360 sport last night, but the battery life on all of these watches is junk.  When using a watch as a CGMS, it's always working.  I can't leave it in a charger all night.  Really need 24+ hours of battery life, that means I can charge it for an hour once a day (say while reading before I fall asleep).  Anything less than that means having to charge multiple times a day, which is unacceptable, at least while I have another option.

Waiting for the next generation of Android Wear wearables at this point.


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  2. Great project! I am starting a project that will display my blood sugar levels with some color coded RGB LED's and doing some research. Can you give me an idea why everyone is using the Wixel to communicate with the CGM? What type of communication is happening between the wixel and the CGM? bluetooth? something else? Is there any documentation on that communication? is it open? Thanks!

  3. G5 uses BLE so doesn't need a wixel. G4 uses a proprietary RF protocol since it was pre-BLE, and they needed a low energy, reliable protocol. They use a TI product, CC2500 module. Allot of consumer electronics use this chip. It just happens that pololu created a wixel using that RF chip and a microcontroller (IMHO it's based on a TI reference design), for hobbyists. You can also get modules that just have the CC2500 and supporting components, and use the micro of your choice via spi. You'll see examples of both in my blog.

  4. Thanks for the info. Does that mean if I am using a cc2500 with an Arduino can I just listen to the incoming data or will I need to establish some sort of login or initialization? Does the g4 just broadcast to all listening devices?

  5. The G4 Transmitter on your body just broadcasts to anyone listening, no pairing required.