Friday, March 11, 2016

Smallest device with the smallest watch

I've always wanted the Analog watchface, probably why I put up with my ugly display for as long as I did.  Now with the the Pebble round, seemed appropriate to spend the time and get the Analog face working.

The 3'oclock position shows estimated time until 80/180.  Under the date will be the missed signal (!) and funny data(???) indicators.  12'oclock is the slope of the glucose readings followed by the Calibration slope.  9'oclock is Glucose.
The round pairs better with the Blugiga radio than it does with my iPhone, good thing.  It seems the best way to get paired to upgrade the App, is to reboot the watch.  Strange.

Still need to design and print a charger base.  Good day today, the 3d printer is working!

Here's a better picture with more indicators in use.


  1. Hello Don,
    This is a great project. Can you can share with us all your project? I mean the software for RFduino or Wixel or software for Pebble watch?
    Thank you

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  3. See my github,

  4. Looks great!, thank you for sharing.

    Would you please let me know what firmware you used when you've gotten the Peb Classic to pair with the Gold.
    Also, have you used the WT12 to pair to the Classic or just the Pebb Time (and if so what firmware)?

    (I am still unsuccessful in getting the Bluetooth Mate Gold (or other types for that matter) to pair to my Pebble Classic. (Just got a WT12 and will try that next!). Wiring seems fine, I can read and write via the serial mon and code from the teensy. I can do inquiries OK to see the Pebble fine, but it just won't pair (tried your code, then messed around with other settings/timing, have the correct pebble address!, etc).

    Thank you, any help would be appreciated

  5. (what pebble classic firmware)

  6. Just an update for anyone trying, that I finally rolled by Pebble (Classic) back to V2.9.1, and I'm finally paired. yay!

  7. My classic is 2.9.1. Pebble probably removed (or broke) pin mode authentication in the newer releases. The Sparkfun board can only do Pin Mode. The WT12 can connect to all watches, it does SSP, which is what Pebble officially uses.