Monday, August 17, 2015


Made Dangerous Prototypes last month...

Finally, moved the iOS application to 8.4.  Been stuck on 8.2 since compiling on 8.3 broke btle re-connect.  Follow that?

Confiscated my wife's iPhone, booted into Mac mode, waited around a couple of hours for various updates, then struggled with xCode for another hour or so until it was convinced I really should be allowed to compile an application...  And then success.  So, I was able to fix a couple of alert bugs that I've been living with for months.  Also added more vibration alerts(to the iPhone) since I'm using the VivoSmart more these days.

xCode on the MacBook is all setup, so I won't need to dual-boot my desktop any longer, will make it easier for some future changes.

Old Sensors

This is a 14 day old sensor, they either fall off or get erratic at this point.  This is raw data, on the Dexcom you might get the "dips" smoothed out, or you'd get ???.  My pebble adds a question mark to the display at this point also.  When I saw the "80" plunge, I replaced it.


Picked up a Nike Fuel Band.  I mentioned in a previous post that someone has thoroughly hacked them.  Now they are discontinued and available for $50.  They are nearly identical in size to the VivoSmart.  Functionality wise, they're junk.  But, they have a large and bright display area, supposedly you can send a bitmap to it.  So this is on deck, I like the VivoSmart but I can't read it in bright sun, also the font is getting too small for me to read.

First I'll start with an iPhone app, the original post has Android code on github.  Then once I have a better understanding of how all this works, I'd like to move it to something arduino related, implement btle central, and have the ability to ditch the iPhone for periods of time.  So yeah, Nike Fuel Band to Arduino(ish) communication.

I'm hoping I can get my head around bluetooth central enough that I can crack the VivoSmart and the Pebble.

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