Friday, October 24, 2014


Working on creating printed circuit boards, since I'm moving to more surface mount components, and the point to point wiring is messy and takes up space.  A few months ago I tried the photo-resist method.  Very sensitive, easy to over expose and expensive.  Did some more reading, and decided to try the Toner Transfer method.  

Results below.

This really works great.  I picked up a Cannon Laser Printer for $60.  
1. Design the PCB in Eagle
2. Print on matte photo paper
3. Place on PCB face down, tape edges, iron with highest heat setting and steam for a few minutes.
4. Soak off the paper in warm water
5. Etch

I also did this for a two sided board.  Only warning would be to avoid Radio Shack boards, the copper lifts too easily.

Lots of tutorials on this, some are over thinking the process.  This was very easy.  Surface prep and heat are probably important factors.  I can see no reason to buy a laminator.

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